Free delivery

Free delivery

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Design your dream

From bespoke engagement rings to custom-made diamond jewellery. Our expert design team will work with you to craft your unique piece of jewellery.

Get your very own unique design, hand crafted by the industry’s leading jewelers.

How to order your jewellery

  1. You send an email with your budget and a picture of your desired design (if you have a picture) to DALBY DIAMONDS.
  2. DALBY DIAMONDS have access to a stock of more than 800.000 diamonds and we will match your specifications and send you an offer by email, including a projected price.
  3. If everything is to your liking, you confirm the offer and book an appointment with us.
  4. During our in person meeting, we will go over every detail of the design, process and offer.
  5. When all details have been approved by you, we will send the design to production.
  6. The finished design will either be handed over to you at a personal appointment, or by courier.
  7. DALBY DIAMONDS also have the possibility to export diamonds or jewelry to a country of your choosing.

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Schedule a meeting to review our jewellery or to discuss potential future investment in diamonds.


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