Free delivery

Free delivery

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Design the ring of your dreams


– or design your own jewellery with our exclusive handpicked diamonds.

We are a diamond importer with no extra retail margin adding to the price and no hidden fees. Our prices are up to 70% cheaper than selected jewellery stores.

Diamond Engagement Ring by DALBY DIAMONDS

Designed by you, handmade by us.


How to order your diamond jewellery:

  • You send an email with a budget and a picture of your desired ring or jewellery design (if known) to Dalby Diamonds.
  • Dalby Diamonds sources a selection of diamonds (from a worldwide inventory of over 800,000 diamonds). We are matching your specifications and email them to you with prices.
  • You confirm the price is within your desired budget, and book an appointment with us.
  • We will take a personal meeting at our office to clarify all the details.
  • As soon as all details are approved, our craftsmen will produce your diamond jewellery.
  • The finished piece is delivered to you by a personal meeting or by courier.


Dalby Diamonds can also export your preferred diamonds / diamond jewellery to another country.

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