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We all have one. What’s yours?

DALBY DIAMONDS celebrate birthstones. Discover the gems of the year and find the one that matches your birthday.

Each month of the year and its birthstone is represented, along with fun facts about the gems. For example, did you know that garnets can be green, topaz can be blue and sapphires can be pink? Or that ancient people believed wearing amethyst would keep them sober, while emeralds were thought to have healing properties for the eyes?

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Here are some more traits associated with modern-day birthstones:

January: garnet/calm
February: amethyst/power
March: aquamarine/unity
April: diamond/endurance
May: emerald/joy
June: pearls/clarity
July: ruby/harmony
August: peridot/purity
September: sapphire/loyalty
October: opal/hope and tourmaline/strength
November: topaz/prosperity and citrine/awareness
December: turquoise/peace and tanzanite/balance

Why do some months have more than one birthstone? Different traditions are often cited, but the most significant reason is that some gemstones are too rare and expensive to be attainable for a majority of people, and others just aren’t that popular.

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