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Investment grade diamonds and diamond jewellery supplied by DALBY DIAMONDS are very special diamonds. They are all individually hand-picked by the markets leading diamond experts and gemologists(GIA), to ensure the best cut, clarity and color. All diamonds are laser engraved with a unique Gemological Institute of America tracking number, that whilst invisible to the unaided eye, allows for its origin to be traced – all the while protecting the perfection and beauty of the stone.

All our diamond jewellery are handcraftet in New York by a team of highly skilled artisans. The best diamonds in the world deserve the best craftsmanship.

DALBY DIAMONDS are selling directly without expensive middlemen and are up to 70% better value compared to high street jewellers. Our prices fluctuate with the open market and are therefore set at the time of purchase.

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Direct selling – no middlemen – up to 70% better value

We operate with a transparent pricing policy without sudden surcharges and hidden fees. Our profit is based on the shipment of diamonds from the world market to our clients, without costly middlemen and pricy storefronts and storage facilities.

We are working as one of Scandinavia’s most trusted and respected providers in today’s diamond industry. Our mission is to provide a highly skilled service and to supply the Scandinavian and European Private Consumer Market with high end diamond jewellery and investment diamonds at competitive prices with up to 70% better value compared to high street jewellers.

Our vision is to become our client’s preferred and trusted provider of diamonds and to be widely recognized as an efficient and credible supplier of diamonds. We are aiming to be valued for our products and services by our clients and to be rewarded by our partners for their trust in us.

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