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Launch of a new webshop

DALBY DIAMONDS is launching a brand new webshop with a new Collection of Extraordinary Diamond Jewellery at Wholesale Prices. is our webshop address.

Every diamond from DALBY DIAMONDS is carefully selected by Sidsel Dalby Glerup, a Certified Diamond Dealer and Graduate Gemologist from Gemological Institute of America.

Owner and director of Dalby Diamonds, Sidsel Dalby Glerup, travels the world in order to find only the best diamonds for her clients. She knows that her clients demand perfection and she considers it a virtue to meet their every demand. She possesses a real passion and flair for purchasing the finest quality stones at competitive prices. Combined with years of experience from the jewelry and precious metal industry, alongside an esthetic eye for jewelry design, DALBY DIAMONDS are able to offer their clients uniquely crafted diamond jewelry as well as loose stones.

Our staff are educated and certified from the world’s leading institute in diamond classification and certification: The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). As such, DALBY DIAMONDS are able to guarantee that we exclusively deal in diamonds of the highest quality.

Professional customer service and guidance at DALBY DIAMONDS. It is important for us to give our clients a great experience when shopping at DALBY DIAMONDS. Even though we do not have a physical store, we have dedicated ourselves to building a web-shop which focusses on user friendliness and an ease of access to precisely what you are looking for, to make your shopping experience at DALBY DIAMONDS as enjoyable as possible. As a costumer at DALBY DIAMONDS you also have the advantage of 24 hour shopping and delivery to your doorstep. If personal contact is required or desired, you also have the opportunity to contact us directly by phone or email. We will also happily make a personal appointment if further personal guidance is needed.

Direct Import at Wholesale Prices. DALBY DIAMONDS is working with an effective supply chain to optimize prices and delivery of diamonds for our customers. DALBY DIAMONDS has direct access to an external stock on the world market of more than 800.000 diamonds and from that we operate with a transparent pricing policy without costly middlemen and hidden fees. Furthermore, we do not have bulk expenses pertaining to storefronts or storage facilities. All jewelry from DALBY DIAMONDS are made to order and that in combination with our pricing policy and business model allows us to offer our customers luxury diamond jewelry at wholesale prices, far below regular retail prices. As a result of this customers achieve far greater value for money shopping at DALBY DIAMONDS.

Certificates from the world’s leading institute in diamonds. DALBY DIAMONDS work closely with Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is the world’s leading and most recognized authority in grading and certifying diamonds and precious stones. Therefore, each of our diamonds comes with a GIA certificate which is the customer’s insurance that we offer diamonds of only the highest quality.

We take ethical responsibility and guarantee conflict free diamonds. DALBY DIAMONDS guarantee that all traded diamonds are 100% natural and that each stone comes with a guarantee of being conflict free. DALBY DIAMONDS actively support The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) a joint initiative between world governments, industry and civilian entities, whose purpose is to combat conflict diamonds and maintain a strictly legitimate diamond trade. KPCS was founded in 2003 by several countries world-wide to ensure consumers a legitimate diamond industry.


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