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Colored Diamond

Colored diamonds refer to the fancy colors that are much rarer in the world of diamonds. Rarity also means higher value in colored diamonds with 20-50 times the prices of white diamonds.

Similar to our white diamond selection, you are able to select any kind of colored diamond with us. The pink diamonds from the famous Argyle Mine are among the very interesting ones with a sky high increase of 398% in value over the last decade.

diamond ring floating pink diamond ring floating from dalby diamonds diamond bracelet from dalby diamonds
Sidsel Dalby

Diamond Dealer &
Gemologist (GIA)

Diamond Dealer & Gemologist(GIA), Sidsel Dalby Glerup, travels the world in order to find only the best diamonds for her clients. She knows that her clients demand perfection and she considers it a virtue to meet their every demand. Sidsel possesses a real passion and a unique eye for purchasing the finest quality diamonds directly from the source without expensive middlemen.

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